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Opening or Closing


$25 off

$25 off

New customers only.

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your pool opening/closing for FREE!


"Where we treat you like family"

We treat every yard & job as if it was at our house or our family's. From our respect to our honesty, we take great pride in getting your satisfaction for quality service & work.


Enjoy the summer time and let us take care of the pool so it's ready to use every time your family and friends are there. We offer weekly or bi-weekly pool maintenance or maybe you just need help while you're out of town or having a party. We can accomodate your needs.


We specialize in pool repairs and maintenance. We also offer pool classes for first-time pool owners so we can help you understand how your pool works and make things easier for you. 




Make sure the pump is powerful enough or not too powerful for the equipment, pipesize, and pool size you have.



A pool filter is most important to maintain good pool chemistry & flow.



We are here to meet your needs. Whether you just need a small part replaced or a major heater repair. New installs as well.



We service all major pump brands and types:


  • Pentair

  • Hayward

  • Jandy

  • Waterway

  • Jaccuzi

  • Polaris

  • Intelliflo

  • Whisper flow

  • Cleaner pumps

  • Pool cover pumps

  • and more...


We repair all pump issues including:


  • Loud pumps (bearings)

  • Motor replacements

  • Impellars

  • Cracked pump baskets

  • Locked up pumps

  • and more...


  • Sand

  • Cartridge

  • D.E. Filter

  • and more...

We service all 3 types of pool filters:



We repair/replace all filter issues including:


  • Change the sand

  • Clean or replace cartridge

  • Clean out or backwash D.E. Filters

  • OR if you're not happy with your existing filter we can change the type/style of filter

  • Ignitors

  • Boards

  • Gas line

  • Thermal coupler

  • Gas valves

  • Check valves

  • Pressure switches

  • Modules

  • Temp sensors

  • Heat exchangers

  • Flame sensors

  • Fuses

  • Limit switches

  • Wiriing

  • Fans or blowers

  • Major cleaning (mice, webs, leaves, rust, etc...)

We repair heater issues including:


  • Pentair

  • Jandy

  • Hayward

  • Raypak

  • Larrs

We service all major heater brands:




  • Electric

  • Milivolt

  • Gas

  • Propane

  • Solar heat

We service all types of heaters:


  • Broken ropes

  • Patches

  • New cover material

  • Custom point to point for new covers

  • New tracks

  • New motor

  • Replace anchors

  • Cover adjustments

  • Cover cleanings

  • and more...

We repair mesh, automatic, and tarp pool covers including:


  • Automatic Pool Covers (APC)

  • Coverstar

  • Aquamatic

We install and repair major pool

cover brands:






We install all types of pool lights:

  • White lights

  • Colored lights

  • L.E.D. lights (Energy Saver)

Having good crisp pool lighting brings out the pool at night, makes it safe, and can help extend the hours a pool can be used.


Let us perform a leak investigation on your pool. We'll find the leak, whether it's leaking at the equipment pad or pool itself. We have many years of experience finding and permenantly fixing leaks.


We can repair existing liners or just patch them. We perform custom point to point measurements to make sure your liner fits perfect. 

We can re-install or repair many liners:

  • Latham

  • Tara

  • Merlin

  • Pacific

  • Quality liners (20-27 Mil.)

    Leaks & Liners    


  • Cleaning and removing cover

  • Cleaning all white goods

  • Bring water to proper level

  • Re-install all equipment removed when closing pool

  • Check and start all pool equipment

  • Test water chemistry to see what's needed

  • Vacuum trash so it doesn't clog filter

We take great pride in making sure your pool is ready for another season. We do the following when opening a pool:

 Openings & Closings    


We take great pride in making sure your pool is winterized. We do the following when closing a pool:

  • Pump pool down to proper water level

  • Remove all baskets, outlets, railings, and accessories

  • Winterize all pool equipment

  • Blow out all lines, add anti-freeze then cap

  • Clean all debris from pool

  • Add closing chemicals (additional)

  • Install cover

  • or being that every pool is different, whatever needs your pool might have. 

Aurora, IL 60503

Tel: (630) 841-POOL


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